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Commissioning or conducting independent and rigorous research focused on historic and contemporary perspectives and proposing workable solutions to the Kashmir issue; and Collecting data and producing impartial, fair and objective analysis with a view to help third parties including 

Human Rights

WASHINGTON: Indian security forces use rape as a method of retaliation against Kashmiri civilians, said Human Rights Watch (HRW), a US-based advocacy group, as the world began “16 days of activism” to eliminate violence against women.

The campaign began on Nov 25, which is observed as International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

This year, the activists hope to mobilise the world against the heinous crime of rape.

Recent reports by UN and other agencies indicate that Indian forces in Kashmir often target women to demoralise its people who are demanding an end to the Indian occupation. The reports point out that “the frequent rape of Kashmiri women by Indian state security forces routinely goes unpunished.”

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo noted that “sexual violence and rape are rampant in times of both war and peace.”

He said that “now is the time to put an end to gender-based violence, to stand with survivors, and to empower victims.” Read More..